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WordPress web hosting – How to choose the right one?

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How to choose wordpress web hosting

WordPress web hosting companies have been around for a long time, but nowadays there are so many to choose from. It can be hard figuring out which one will work best with your needs and budget- whether it’s free or expensive!

Web hosting is an important factor in determining the success of your website. A good web host can provide you with security, high performance, and rankings that will help to increase traffic on search engines like Google or Bing!

WordPress web hosting is not as easy to find and maintain a business. You need the right company for you! That’s why we wrote this guide on what hostings look like, so that when it comes time to make your decision about which one will be best suited just below all expectations–and also have everything needed in order to take care of their sites efficiently without any headaches along the way.

To make it easier for you, I created a summary of the important factors to check before getting a web hosting plan, plus what I personally did when I just started my online businesses.

What should I look at when it comes to web hosting?

Server uptime

When websites are not available, users experience frustration and Google also feels like their ranking gets impacted. So make sure to find a hosting service that offers high quality of availability for your site by checking out what’s possible with each one individually or looking at overall ratings before picking an internet provider!

When choosing your website hosting provider, keep an eye on this and prioritize the options that offer uptime above 99%. Uptimes are important for any business owner because they guarantee you’ll never have service outages. The higher number of consecutive minutes without interruption means better security from hackers who want access to customers’ personal information or financial transactions!

Storage available

Depending on what you want to accomplish with your site, the amount and type of storage space will vary. But regardless it’s always best practice (and easy)to hire a service that suits all needs perfectly!
If looking for large files or lots-o’ data then consider choosing hosting providers who offer generous deals specifically tailored towards heavy users like yourself so as not have to pay extra fees just because they’ve got plenty going spare; conversely, if content creators only need basic web presence you don’t need to go nuts about your storage. Something pretty basic will do the trick until you will get enough traffic to scale up.

Easy to scale

When you’re looking for a WordPress web hosting provider, make sure they offer plans tailored to the needs of every website. For instance: whether your site is new or established with lots of daily traffic – find out if there are options that fit those specific types first!

Most of us start blogs and online businesses in order to scale, and our day 1 requirements aren’t the same as our day 180. We have to make sure the web hosting we use is fit for our continued growth. Check the ease of upgrading the program before starting.

Loading speed

Google is always looking to give its users the best experience, so it will prioritize pages that load quickly.

You should make sure that the website hosting service you are hiring offers a good loading speed. It may seem like an insignificant difference in theory but, when it’s actually put into practice and people start browsing your content or checking out new products on their own initiative rather than being delayed by delays–they will stay longer!

Support and communication

Website hosting services are a vital part in the success of your page. The provider’s availability to help you can make or break it, so be sure that they have customer support channels available 24/7 and answer all questions quickly!

On a personal note, this was one of the main reasons I chose my WordPress web hosting. Trust me, it might seem irrelevant – but think of it like this:
Support is just like insurance – You don’t need it until you need it.
And when you need it – you need it now!


When you entrust your website to just any old hosting service, know that there’s no guarantee of its security. You need a provider who offers information redundancy and constant backups so even if something goes wrong.

Hacks and malicious attacks don’t happen as often, but as you grow and get more attention it might give some people ideas…

Choosing a credible WordPress web hosting company is very important, but most security breaches occure due to user error.

Some good practices to keep:

  • Keep you plugins and themes up to date
  • Generate strong passwords
  • Don’t use the same password for every component in your site
  • Set up a two factor authentication
  • Backup your site regularlly

Ease of migration

Sometimes you start with on hosting company and for some reason it’s not working. Maybe the support isn’t as responsive as you want, or maybe you saw that you are paying way to much for not much of a benefit for you.
Moving your website or websites from one server to another is called migration.

Migrating websites is a delicate process that needs to be handled with care. It can’t just happen because you want something new, or maybe the support isn’t as responsive and there are too many complications in moving your site from one place without losing any data! Make sure they hosting company will help guide this move smoothly.

Hidden costs

Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you one thing, but then you realise that reality is different?

When building a website, some steps will be inevetable, for example:

  • Installing an SSL certificate
  • Registering a domain
  • Creating a business email

Some web hosting companies and plans will offer you these things for free, or included in your plan.

Others will charge probably a fixed price for each extra action. A few years ago I hosted my websites on a server that required me to pay for every SSL certificate, even though you can get them for free.

Also, some plans are worth it only on the first year, or you get a good price only if you pay for 5+ years in advance.

Choose a server that is exactly for your needs!


There are endless options when it comes to choosing a WordPress web hosting plan. Your focus should be on understanding your needs and budget. Once you have these down, it will be much easier for you to choose the right plan!

a lot of parameters when it comes to wordpress web hosting

My personal chiose – wordpress web hosting

When I just started my first online business, I payed 40$ per month for 3 websites with a super low bandwidth and storage. This is 100% a crappy deal.

I switched a few hosting plans and companies along the way, and most of them didn’t fit my needs.

Hosting websites that are fast loading and have the ability to be developed or designed before you buy a domain. For example, many times when working with clients they will ask me if there’s any way we can build their site without knowing exactly how much it’ll cost them yet because often times our projects lead us into other areas which requires more information from these companies.

2 years ago I discovered CloudWays – definitely the best hosting company I used, and still using to this day for all my websites and all of my clients websites.

The cheapest plan is 10$ a month.
Although there are “cheaper” plans out there, but on CloudWays you have no limits on the number of websites.
For a long time I paid 10$ a month for 39 websites!

Nowdays when I got more traffic I had to scale my plan, but I can’t complain about that 😊

You may ask – If this is such a great server why haven’t I used it sooner?
I 100% agree with that question. Unfortunately, I never heard of it before I switched to it.

Don’t take my word for granted, do your own reaserch on what fits you best!

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